Stuffing and Lashing of containers

Container Stuffing and Lashing

Our trained team with many years of experience in packaging and transport will properly protect, pack, and load your cargo into the container.

It is an extremely important phase in the logistic process, as it ensures safe transport without damage and additional costs. When Stuffing the Container, it is necessary to consider all physical forces that will act on the load during transport. Properly packed cargo must also be properly loaded and lashed in the container.

When lashing the Container, straps of suitable load capacity, tensioners and, HT wood for supports are used, which are usually fixed in the wooden floor of the container.

The entire process can be carried out at your company’s location (with the help of our Field packaging unit) or at our company’s headquarters.


  • We adapt the size and shape of the wooden box to the load or container.
  • We pack cargo for the needs of overseas, air, road or other type of transport.
  • All wood is heat treated in accordance with the requirements of the ISPM 15 international standard.
  • You get professional support during the packaging project.
    We also organize transport to save you time and money.

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