Quality and reliable packaging

We take care of Cargo Packaging and safe transport around the world.

Quality Packing

The cargo is carefully packed so that it does not sustain any damage during transport.

Field Packing Unit

We can pack the cargo at your premises.

Safe Transport

What we pack, we can transport to desire destination around the world.

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Field Packing Unit

With the help of our On-Site Packaging Service, we can organize transport cargo packaging right at your company’s headquarters.

More and more companies are opting for this solution as this relieves the time and stress for their employees. Our team comes ready, packs and clean it behind. Your employees can thus devote themselves to the project that ensures growth to the company.

All that we left behind us is the transport unit in the fomr of a Wooden or OSB box or crate. Tha cargo is now ready for the pick-up by the carrier.

  • Wooden transport packaging is delivered by the team itself or in case of large quantities and dimensons with the help of the carrier.
  • The field team packs the cargo as agreed and clean it behind before leaving.
  • Leave the work to packing experts and focus on your business.
  • We also organize transportation of packed cargo.

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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most common packing and transport dilemmas.

With the help of strategic partners, we can provide the safe transport packaged cargo. If your cargo is exceeding normal transport dimensions, they will take care of all the necessary documentation and permits, as well as the escorts required for the safe transport of such OOG cargo.

In the company, we have a field packing unit that optimally solves the packing problem at your company's headquarters. After a preliminary inspection or computer sketches of the cargo, we prepare everything necessary for proper packaging of your cargo.

For overseas transport, it is necessary to protect the cargo from moisture, sea water and mechanical damage. We do this by constructing a suitable wooden box for the product and wrap it with vacuum aluminum foil and adding Silicagel bags (moisture absorbers).

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