Packaging for global transport

We understand that your business operates globally. This means that the cargo travels to the final customers across the oceans by ship and air transport.

This type of transport requires particularly careful packaging. We protect your cargo against various external risks with various foils and wooden transport packaging.

Films are also used in long-term and short-term road transport. In both cases, different weather conditions and other factors may occur during transport that could damage your cargo.

Depending on your wishes and the characteristics of the cargo, we pack your cargo according to the highest standards of safety and reliability. In practice, this means that the cargo is Seaworthy packed (the highest possible cargo protection) or wrapped in Shrink Wrap film.

Seaworthy Packing

Seaworthy packing is a type of packaging used for shipping goods via sea freight. The primary purpose of seaworthy packing is to protect the goods from damage during transit, including potential damage from water, humidity, temperature changes, and mechanical stress.

To ensure that goods are properly packed for sea transport, it is important to use high-quality packaging materials that can withstand the rigors of the journey. This may include materials such as corrugated cardboard boxes, wooden crates, and plastic wrap or stretch film. In addition to selecting appropriate materials, it is also important to use proper packing techniques, such as filling any empty spaces in boxes or crates with cushioning materials like foam or air pillows.

At first glance, the VCI film is the same as all other PE films, but it has the additional feature of protecting against corrosion and is thus very suitable for overseas cargo protection.

To prevent mechanical damage, we also add wooden transport packaging – this can be a crate, a box, or just a base. The degree of mechanical protection depends on the mode of transport.

Shrink Wrap Foil Packing

The use of Shrink Wrap Foil is extremely diverse due to its universality. Thus, it is a very popular form of cargo protection in road and ship transport.

The foil shrinks and adapts to the cargo shape with the application of heat. Cargo wrapped in such foil is protected from external influences (rain, road dust, UV rays…) during transport. It is suitable for loads that are not sensitive to corrosion, as the foil does not offer complete protection against moisture, like vacuum packaging (Seaworthy packaging).

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Quality packaging

We carefully pack the cargo so that it cannot suffer any damage during transport.

Appropriate packing

We adapt the packaging to different types of cargo and transport.

Proper packing and lashing

Protection against various external influences and all transhipment manipulations. Don't leave the handling of your cargo to probability.

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