Field Packing Team

With the help of our On-Site Packaging Service, we can organize transport cargo packaging right at your company's headquarters. Leave the packaging to the best in the business.

Packing at any location

More and more companies are opting for this solution as this relieves the time and stress for their employees. Our team comes ready, packs and clean it behind. Your employees can thus devote themselves to the project that ensures growth to the company

All that we left behind us is the transport unit in the form of a Wooden or OSB box or crate. Tha cargo is now ready for the pick-up by the carrier.

What do you get by hiring the field packing unit?

  1. Arrival of the field team at the packing location in Slovenia or abroad (EU or third countries).
  2. Delivery of wooden transport packaging, if it is not a major project, otherwise we deliver it separately, with a suitable means of transport.
  3. Packaging as agreed in the process of finding a suitable solution for your cargo.
  4. Experienced and independent packaging experts who ensure that your production process runs smoothly during packing.
  5. Photography of the packing process for the purpose of informing the client about the progress of the packing, insurance and reference.

Neutralization of the forces that arise during the transport of the load

Various forces act on the load during transport, which can damage the cargo.

Cargo insurance against value loss

Your cargo always arrives safely at its destination with our services.

Protection against weather influences and phenomena

We protect the cargo from moisture, rain, dust, dirt, sea water and other factors that can damage the cargo.

Protection against mechanical damage

We protect cargo from falls, improper handling, negligence, accidents.

Cargo lashing

The load is properly loaded and lashed to the trailer or container.

Transport markings

The packed cargo is marked with the necessary transport and handling marks. 

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