Wooden Boxes, Crates and Bases

Wooden Boxes, Crates, and Pallets for Transport

Wood, as a natural material, is more than suitable for processing and manufacturing of various types of transport packaging.

The key thing with wood is that is so easy to transform. This fact gives us the opportunity to produce a wooden box to fit the cargo dimension and transport restrictions.

Crate separate your valuable cargo from its surroundings. If it is necessary, we take additional precaution and protect your cargo inside a wooden crate with different options, like waterproof foil, vacuum CLIMA foil, Shrink Wrap Foil, VCI foil, steel braces or some other suitable protection.

We can produce wooden boxes for:

  • Sea transport (Seaworthy Packaging),
  • Avio transport,
  • Road transport,
  • Machinery protection and storage needs.

Prior processing a wooden box and base, we provide you with a high-tech computer-drawn blueprint. After agreeing around every detail of a wooden box, we take it to the production.


  • Adjustable size and shape of wooden boxes,
  • We use heat treated wood (standard ISPM 15),
  • We offer you professional support during the packaging project,
  • We can transport packed cargo to the final destination with help of our strategic partners and save you time and money.

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