Seaworthy packaging
We understand that your company operates globally, which means that your load "moves” to customers overseas by ship or plane. It is necessary to pay special attention to packaging in this matter. To protect your cargo from external effects and other potential risks during transportation we use various FOILS.

The foil is no stranger in road transport. Sometimes road transport can last for days and a sometimes-just couple of hours, in both cases cargo is exposed to different conditions that might damage it. Therefore, proper packaging is essential for safe transport.

Depending on the characteristics of the cargo and your preferences, we provide optimal packaging. We have various options, which can be freely combined with wooden crates and bases:


    • foil can be put together in various ways, for cargos small as 30 centimeters or big as 15 meters,
    • Adjustable size and shape of wooden boxes,
    • We use heat treated wood (standard ISPM 15),
    • We offer you professional support during the packaging project,
    • We can transport packed cargo to the final destination with help of our strategic partners and save you time and money.

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