Seaworthy Packaging - VACUUM FOIL


Versatile vacuum CLIMA foil (ALU foil) completely protect your cargo from external effects.

CLIMA Foil (ALU foil) is very thin and flexible, nevertheless, extremely durable against impact, vibration and pressure build-up. It is waterproof, oil-repellent, and insect-resistant and does not break up easily. It provides insulation for cargo and thus prevents corrosion.
Prekomorsko pakiranje pri stranki na dvorišču.

Especially suitable for: sea and air transport, where there is condensation inside the containers and ships.

It consists of chemically neutral materials and is therefore suitable for steel parts, electronic equipment (CNC machines) and even high-tech pharmaceutical apparatus.


  • Foil can be put together in various ways, for cargos small as 30 centimeters or big as 15 meters,
  • Protects cargo against corrosion, it is waterproof, oil-repellent ...
  • Adjustable size and shape of wooden boxes,
  • We use heat treated wood (standard ISPM 15),
  • We offer you professional support during the packaging project,
  • We can transport packed cargo to the final destination with help of our strategic partners and save you time and money.

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